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vrijdag 10 augustus 2012

Dead end street


   Click on the picture for ♫usic / klik op de foto voor de ♫uziek.
 - Doel loos en doodlopend verhaal -

This is my entry for this week's traveltheme : "Signs" on "Where 's my backpack" ; Ailsa 's blog.

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    1. They're taken in a village called Doel, near Antwerp (B), Joanne.
      Here ► you can read more about it's history.
      It's a rather sad story really.

  2. Wonderful, Dauw, I love that painting of a kiss in the window! :)

    1. There are many beautiful paintings made on the walls of those empty houses as a protest against the expansionism of the Antwerp harbour and the policy of the Belgian government on this issue.

  3. My fav..great paintings and great pic!!


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